Member Benefits

CANWCC: Canadian Women's Chamber of Commerce Membership

The Canadian Women’s Chamber of Commerce (CanWCC) was founded to create a strong,
national, unified voice for women in business, providing advocacy at all levels of government, and to create a national network of women’s business organizations.

We are delighted to be partnering with The Workaround, a parent friendly co-working space in Toronto, to enhance professional development and business opportunities for women business owners. Partnership with The Workaround is part of CanWCC’s broader advocacy agenda, which recommends universal access to affordable childcare in Canada. Workaround members can access affordable, on site, and on demand childcare while they benefit from engagement in a network of other entrepreneurs and remote working professionals.

Our members share a passion for advancing the place of women in Canada’s businesses
ecosystem and are committed to coming together to make change, which is why The
Workaround is a natural partner for us. We are pleased to offer eligible Workaround members a 20% discount on CanWCC membership. 

Not available at all membership levels.

Note: Not all member benefits are available to all membership levels, and all member benefits are subject to availability.